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Nyko Wand+ (Clear) review: Nyko Wand+ (Clear)

We really liked how Nyko opted for the rubberized matte covering finish.

The Wand+, which comes in black or white, doesn't seem heavier in any way, considering it technically has more hardware packed inside. In terms of battery life, we also didn't notice any discernable difference in drainage times. This makes sense, as we never experienced increased battery drain when using the Wii MotionPlus plus attachment with standard Wii remotes.

In our testing, we found that the Wand+ worked just as well as MotionPlus. Wii Sports Resort noticed MotionPlus right away as we tried out ping-pong and Frisbee toss. There haven't been too many MotionPlus-compatible options in the Wii library, but support for the technology seems to be growing as of late. For example, NHL 2K11 fully supports MotionPlus, and we absolutely preferred playing the game with the Wand+ over a Wii remote and MotionPlus combination.

Positives aside, there are few details regarding the Wand+ that we wish Nyko would have addressed. For starters, the controller's d-pad remains a bit flimsy and uneven. It doesn't feel anywhere near as solid as the Wii remote's does. All the other buttons seem on par with the performance of the Wii remote's, and we are happy to report that the "B" trigger button's ribbed texture is back again.

The Wand+ should be the easy choice for the Wii gamer looking for a new controller to upgrade to MotionPlus. The Wand+ eliminates the clutter and the otherwise cumbersome experience of using an original Wii remote with the MotionPlus attachment.

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