Netgear XAV2001 Powerline AV 200 Ultra Adapter review: Netgear XAV2001 Powerline AV 200 Ultra Adapter

This speed, though not as high as we hoped, will provide enough bandwidth for most Internet-related activities, such as surfing, playing online games, or even streaming Web videos.

When it comes it stream high-def content, especially from another network computer, though, we found that the adapter can only handle a single stream at a time. And even then, when a movie that's very large was used, the player would have to stop to rebuffer once in a while, especially when we jumped from one part of the movie to another.

Note that the adapter's performance depends on the electrical wiring and will vary depending on the location.

Overall, the XAV2001 adapter's performance met our expectations. It's a decent and reliable replacement for a wireless signal and is definitely better than having to run network cable to that far corner of the house.

Service and support
Netgear backs the Powerline AV 200 Adapter XAV2001 with a one-year warranty. Though we believe you won't need much support for the adapter, on the company's Web site, you'll find lots of support information, including troubleshooting, a knowledge base, and firmware, driver, and manual downloads. The company also has free 24-7 phone tech support.

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