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NEC MultiSync LCD2470WNX review: NEC MultiSync LCD2470WNX

In addition to Naviset, the ostensibly office-oriented MultiSync LCD2470WNX also has a handful of consumer-friendly features. First, it's HDCP compliant, which means that you can use it to watch protected HD content. We're not sure how many offices use Blu-ray or HD DVD players for showing training movies, but at least you have the option. We suspect this capability might enhance the LCD2470WNX's appeal among consumers as well, although you get no built-in speakers with this monitor. We won't consider the lack of underpowered LCD speakers any great loss. NEC's display also comes with a USB 2.0 hub. We more or less expect that from most higher-end consumer LCDs these days, so we're not too surprised to see it here.

When we compare the LCD2470WNX to two other, cheaper 24-inch LCD's we've tested, we don't find the dramatic leap in performance we hoped to see from a display that costs $200 or so more than its competitors. Its overall image quality ekes out a minor win, largely on the strength of its color quality, and it performs well enough overall, but not enough to set it apart dramatically. Further, one of the features NEC highlighted was this display's brightness, which is supposed to be better both head on and at an angle to the screen. Our brightness test is a straight-on measurement, and this display was nearly an exact tie with the $600 Gateway FPD2485W. And when we looked at the screen from various angles, both in portrait and in landscape modes, the NEC showed no real advantage, as the image on both displays held up.

Despite the fact that we don't find a lot of value in this LCD's higher-end price tag, we continue to like what NEC has to offer in terms of service and support. The standard warranty coverage lasts for three years. Online you get FAQs, software downloads, and other help resources. And if you don't find what you're looking for, you can call the toll-free support line 24-7.

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NEC MultiSync LCD2470WNX

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Gateway FPD2485W
NEC MultiSync LCD2470WNX

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NEC MultiSync LCD2470WNX

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