NEC AccuSync LCD22WMGX (22-inch) review: NEC AccuSync LCD22WMGX (22-inch)

CNET Labs tested the NEC AccuSync LCD22WMGX via DVI connection with the Color Boost and Dynamic Contrast Ratio features disabled. NEC claims a brightness of 300 candelas per meter square, which was pretty close to the 281 cd/m2 number we got. This was the highest brightness of the last four 22-inch models we've tested, with the closest competitor being the Samsung 2232GW, which came in at 279 cd/m2. In our contrast ratio test, the NEC delivered a score of 928:1, which as far as 22-inch models go, is the best performance second only to the Dell Crystal's score of 1,061:1. In our overall DisplayMate-based tests, the NEC scored 78, the lowest of the five other 22-inch models we've recently reviewed. We saw compression in the color scales test, which indicates that the display could have trouble displaying different shades of the same color at the light end of the scale. The NEC also had trouble reproducing color near peak white where we saw the color wash out.

This color deficiency did not wholly translate to the real world, though, where both King Kong video playback and our World of Warcraft test looked good. The colors looked a bit washed out at our test settings, but we were able to adjust the user-defined color settings enough to improve, but not alleviate the problem. In addition, the black level was not as low as we prefer and even adjusting the brightness down significantly, we still saw shallow blacks. When we watched movies with the Dynamic Contrast Ratio feature on, we noticed that in dark scenes the display would turn off the backlight to make the scene even darker and more filmlike. Unfortunately, in most scenes, the backlight fluctuated from off to on depending on the scene's lighting--a distracting problem that made some movies, like War of the Worlds unwatchable at times. NEC claims a viewing angle up to 85 degrees for the AccuSync LCD22WMGX and this held true: the quality of the displayed image begins to dip when viewing just a few inches off center.

Lastly, the built-in speaker volume sounded disappointingly low. Even cranked to 100, the sound, whether from music or movies, was muffled.

Brightness in cd/m2
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Contrast ratio
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NEC AccuSync LCD22WMGX 22-inch

DisplayMate performance test
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Service and support
NEC covers the AccuSync LCD22WMGX with a three-year warranty that covers parts, labor, and the backlight. Toll-free technical support is available weekdays from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT. NEC also offers e-mail and live chat support. The support Web site is simple to navigate making the drivers and manual easy to find.