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Motorola Razr H3 review: Motorola Razr H3

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The Good The Motorola Razr H3 Bluetooth Headset has a smooth, sleek design that complements the Razr handset, a flexible and comfortable ear hook, and a large multifunction button.

The Bad The Motorola Razr H3 Bluetooth Headset has tiny volume controls that can be difficult to press, and sound quality suffered in windy environments.

The Bottom Line The Motorola Razr H3 Bluetooth Headset is an attractive, quality Bluetooth headset, thanks to its fashion-forward design and ergonomic ear hook. We only wish the volume controls weren't so tiny.

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7.6 Overall

Motorola Razr H3 Bluetooth Headset

From the different color options on the H500 to the unique flip boom mic on the H700, Motorola is no stranger to eye-catching Bluetooth headset designs. Yet it's quite possible that the Motorola Razr H3 Bluetooth Headset is the most fashion-forward headset to date. Undeniably styled after the Motorola Razr V3, the headset's sleek and rectangular design makes it look like a tiny Razr offspring. Along with a comfortable earpiece and an ergonomic ear hook, the headset would complement not just a Razr but any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone. The Razr H3 comes in both black and silver, and it retails for $80, but you can get it for $68 after online discounts.

The face of the headset looks a lot like the front flap of the Razr V3, with a sleek, uncluttered surface save for the lone Motorola logo in the middle. Despite its namesake, the Razr H3 isn't the smallest headset we've seen (even the H700 is smaller). At 2.4 by 1.0 by 0.6 inches, it's a hair thicker than the 0.5-inch Razr, but it isn't bulky either, thanks to its slim form factor and its lightweight 0.6-ounce mass. A blue LED on the front of the device lights up when the headset is turned on, though this can be disabled. Much like the H500 and the H700, the Razr H3 has an ergonomic ear hook on the back of the headset. It sports a rubberized tip and attaches via a flexible hinge for easier fitting, plus it can be configured to fit on either ear.

Moving to the controls, the face of the headset bears a large multifunction button that turns the device on and off, as well as answers and ends calls. On either side of the headset are two tiny volume controls; if you wish, you can swap their orientation, changing the volume-up control to volume down, and vice versa. While the multifunction button is easy enough to press, the volume controls prove too skinny and small to press without some difficulty, especially if you have large fingers. On the top of the device is the charger port.

Thanks to the aforementioned ergonomic ear hook, the overall fit of the Razr H3 headset feels great. The Razr H3's earpiece rests against the ear instead of jutting in the canal, which lets you wear the headset for long periods of time without any discomfort. Slipping the headset on and off is easy, even when wearing glasses.

We tested the Motorola Razr H3 Bluetooth headset with the Nokia 6682 and were able to pair the devices with ease. Phone calls sounded loud and clear on both ends, although sound quality suffered in windier environments. Not only can you answer and end calls with the Razr H3, you can take a second incoming call, toggle between two active calls, redial the last number, voice dial, join a three-way call, put a call on hold, transfer a call from the phone to the headset, and place a call on mute. You have to speak to voice dial effectively, however.

The Motorola Razr H3 Bluetooth Headset comes with a standard Motorola charger, but if you have a current Motorola mobile, you can use the one charger for both the phone and the headset. The H3 has a rated talk time of 8 hours and a standby time of six days on a single charge.

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