Motorola Clutch i475 (Boost Mobile) review: Motorola Clutch i475 (Boost Mobile)

The Motorola Clutch +i475's VGA camera takes poor photos.

We're quite disappointed with the VGA camera here, especially since we were hoping for a slight improvement over the previous model. It can shoot in four resolutions, from 640x480 to 220x176, and camera settings include 4x zoom, a self-timer, a low light mode, brightness, and two shutter sounds. As you might expect, the photo quality on the VGA camera is quite poor. Images were so blurry; you could hardly make out what the objects were. Colors looked dim and overcast as well. The phone only has 8MB of memory, so you likely won't take too many photos anyway.

You can customize the Clutch i475 with graphics for wallpaper and more. You can get ringtones from the Boost Mobile store as well. The Clutch i475 supports Java apps too--the phone comes with Uno, Alarm Clock Plus, and Calculator Suite.

We tested the Motorola Clutch i475 in San Francisco using Boost Mobile's network. Boost Mobile is a subsidiary of Sprint Nextel, so we're in effect using Nextel's network for calls. Call quality was very good. On our end, we experienced decent volume levels and clear audio. Voice quality did seem a little digitized, but it wasn't a bother. Overall, the quality is very similar to landline calls.

Motorola Clutch +i475 call quality sample Listen now:

On their end, callers reported similar good call quality. Even on speakerphones, callers said our voice sounded loud and clear, without static or interference.

The i475 has a rated battery life of 4.8 hours talk time and 4.2 days standby time. We received a tested talk time of 4 hours and 55 minutes. According to FCC radiation tests, the Clutch i475 has a digital SAR of 1.01 watts per kilogram.

The Motorola Clutch +i475 has an improved design over its predecessor, but the features are mostly unchanged. It lacks the durability of the i465, and it still has that same terrible VGA camera. However, the Clutch +i475 is cheaper at $99.99 without a contract. So if all you want is a basic messenger with push-to-talk capabilities and you don't want a contract, the Motorola Clutch +i475 might be good for you.