Mophie Juice Pack for iPod Touch review: Mophie Juice Pack for iPod Touch

The back of the Juice Pack includes a battery life indicator with four LEDs, clearly influenced by the design of the indicators found on Apple's laptop batteries. Because the Mophie Juice Pack needs to be charged separately over its mini USB connection (cable included), the battery indicator is a handy way to glean how much charge you have left. Fully charging the Juice Pack takes around three to four hours.

The Mophie Juice Pack is the most stylish iPod battery pack we've seen, and at nearly $100, it darn well better be. It also works like a charm, taking our power-depleted iPod Touch up to full charge in the same time it would take to charge over USB. In situations where both the iPod Touch and Juice Pack are both fully charged and connected to one another, the iPod Touch drains power from the external battery before drawing from its own supply.

Our only criticism of the Mophie Juice Pack is its high price price tag. If you don't mind sacrificing style, you can find dangling, obnoxious iPod battery chargers for around $30.