Microsoft Xbox One (without Kinect) review: Kinect-less Xbox One is a better deal for most gamers

Then there's the exclusive non-gaming content worth mentioning. Microsoft has made content creation deals with production companies that will bring reality shows, comedies, and other programming to Xbox -- most notably a Steven Spielberg-produced Halo TV series.

Independent gaming is another uphill battle for Xbox, but with the introduction of the ID@Xbox publishing program, Microsoft has declared its support for the indie scene, but whether or not it fleshes it out is still unknown.

There's no Kinect in this version of the Xbox One. CBS Interactive

What you're missing with a $400 Xbox One

As much as I ripped the Kinect for not working some of the time, there's still an interesting amount of technology that has potential. The problem for Kinect is that there isn't a killer app that needs to be played or experienced. The only exclusives for Kinect are fitness apps or titles like Kinect Sports Rivals (which isn't very good).

Then, of course, is living room control, which has a breadth of limitations and annoyances, all of which I outline in the $500 review . You can buy an Xbox One Media Remote that smooths things out a bit, but it's still an incomplete package.

CBS Interactive

In the end, which console is for you?

Like I stated in my Xbox One and PlayStation 4 reviews, the new generation console war is an evolving battle that changes every day. Just look at the changes the Xbox One has gone through in just six short months.

When you cut out the Kinect, things really boil down to console exclusives, independent games, and what each company promises the future will bring.

For example, at the moment Xbox doesn't have a clear cut plan for backward compatibility, or a least nothing like PlayStation Now, Sony's streaming gaming service coming this summer.

When it comes to cloud computing, Microsoft has help from over 300,000 servers worldwide, while Sony doesn't mention the technology much.

One thing's for sure, you can't deny the fact that most multiplayer games appear to perform better and run in larger resolutions on the PlayStation 4. Ironically enough, though, Xbox One developers will have access to 10 percent more of the console's GPU once an update hits the software development kit this summer. This reason for the bump in power? Not having Kinect in the equation.

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