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Microsoft SideWinder X4 review: Microsoft SideWinder X4

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The Good Supports up to 18 programmable macros; macro-repeating option; highly customisable.

The Bad Uncomfortable wrist rest; not as feature-rich as some gaming keyboards.

The Bottom Line With an intuitive, on-the-fly macro-recording system, Microsoft's SideWinder X4 will satisfy gamers who demand solid performance and plenty of customisation options. The wrist rest offers little support, but this keyboard is surprisingly stylish and will serve you well in non-gaming situations too

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7.5 Overall

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The Microsoft SideWinder X4 gaming keyboard aims to provide hardcore gamers with plenty of features, without monopolising desk space. The X4 supports up to 18 programmable macros, offers customisable media keys and sports 'anti-ghosting' technology. But will the extra tech actually make a difference to your gaming experience?

The X4 will be available in March for around £50.

Hardcore but handsome
For a gaming keyboard, the X4 is remarkably good-looking. Gaming hardware has a tendency to embrace a Death Star aesthetic, but the X4 has a sleek design, and, at 48cm long, is no wider than most standard keyboards. This means it's ideally suited to both hardcore gaming and everyday computing -- something that may please gamers with day jobs.

Like most SideWinder products, the X4 sports a red backlight for gaming in low-light conditions, and a key along the top of the keyboard allows users to cycle though several brightness settings. The keys themselves have a pleasing bounce to them, and the travel distance is deep for a compact piece of hardware such as this. We particularly like the extra-wide spacebar, which ensures that reaching that all-important jump key is never a stretch.

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