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MEElectronics A151 (Black) review: MEElectronics A151 (Black)

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He did slightly prefer the Thinksound ts02 "wood" earphones, which have slightly more bass (read his full take on both products here). They retail for slightly more but have a built-in microphone. (I haven't tried the Thinksound but will try to get my hands on a pair and offer my impressions when I do).

I recently reviewed the Nocs NS400 earphones, which retail for around $79. I liked the sound of the Nocs and preferred their styling to these, but the A151s sounded slightly better and were also more comfortable.

Final thoughts
As Guttenberg pointed out, they simply sound like more expensive headphones -- ones that typically cost more than $100. Their biggest strength is the level of detail they offer. They're also relatively comfortable to wear. As for drawbacks, it's unclear just how durable they are (I advise keeping the included case when not in use), they don't have a built-in microphone, and the bass, while ample, won't have enough oomph for those who like headphones that emphasize bass.

In the end, though, like most of MEElectronics products, you get a big bang for your buck, which is why I have no problem recommending the A151s at their modest price point.

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The A151s' build quality is only average but you can't expect too much from $50 earphones. Sarah Tew/CNET

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