Jabra Go 6430 Dual Link Headset review: Jabra Go 6430 Dual Link Headset

The Jabra GO 6430 comes with a travel charger that also acts as a charging dock. It has a Mini-USB jack so that you can attach it to a computer, an AC adapter, or a car charger. The headset also comes with the Jabra Link 350 USB stick that acts as a Bluetooth dongle. It's already paired with the headset, so all you have to do is plug it into any computer and you're good to go.

To use the headset with a softphone or VoIP application, you need to install the included Jabra PC Suite (Windows only). After you install it, you can easily select the application you want and configure it appropriately.If you need to install additional drivers, you can download from Jabra's support Web site.

We paired the Jabra GO 6430 with the Apple iPhone 3G and we also installed the Jabra PC Suite to use with the computer. Its call quality was pretty good overall. We could hear our callers loud and clear with hardly any static. Their voices sounded clean and natural.

On the other hand, our callers could hear us clearly; however, they said they heard a bit of background sound. There was some static, as well, at times. Still, the headset did a good job at blocking out the harshest of extraneous noise, perhaps thanks to Jabra's Noise Blackout technology. Jabra also boasts a SafeTone technology that protects our hearing from sudden sound spikes. However, the headset didn't do too well in extremely windy conditions; however, callers had to keep asking us to speak up.

Features of the Jabra GO 6430 include compatibility with a variety of softphone and VoIP applications, as well as the normal capabilities to answer, end, and reject calls. You can also mute calls and redial the last number.

The Jabra GO 6430 has a rated talk time of up to 6 hours.

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