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Ipevo PoV review: Ipevo PoV

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In testing, the PoV proved itself to be merely an average performer. It struggled in low light--a common scenario, we imagine, unless your video conferences are professionally lit--showing washed-out colors, poor details in shadows and dark areas, and digital noise. The LifeCam VX-5000 was clearly superior in this regard; it looked as if we were sitting in a different (and well-lit) room compared with the PoV. The PoV has a Low Light setting (a box you either check or leave unchecked), but it did nothing to improve the picture.

The one area where the Ipevo PoV Web Camera excels is with its macro mode. Ipevo claims it focuses down to 3.3 inches away from your subject, but we were able to keep focus down to 1.5 inches. If you need to review remote documents line by line via a Webcam, this is the camera for you and your associates. By comparison, the Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000, like most Webcams, features an autofocus; it doesn't let you get inside a foot without blurring the image.

We attempted to test the camera's remote monitoring feature, which lets you place a Skype call to a remote PC, enter a password, and then view the resulting video--in theory, at least. We were able to connect to the remote PC, but each time the video window showed a blank pause screen with the message, "Call Remotely Held." Turns out there is a bug with the latest version of Skype (3.8), which has yet to be worked out. Earlier versions of Skype should work, Ipevo tells us.

Ipevo backs the PoV cam with a one-year warranty. Online support includes drivers and the user guide. Only one product has an FAQ page established for it, and it is not the PoV Web Camera.

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