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Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive w/ Protection Suite review: Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive w/ Protection Suite

Cost per GB
Our 320GB model for $95 factors out to $0.30 per gigabyte, a fair price to pay for external storage. As it stands, the new Iomega eGo Portable is tied with the Transcend Storejet Mobile as the second cheapest drive in the comparison chart. Iomega almost came in first, but that title continues to belong to the Fujitsu HandyDrive at a bargain $0.27 per gig. Still, the cost difference is negligible and it's safe to say that Iomega presents an excellent deal with the new eGo price points.

Cost per gigabyte
(Shorter bars indicate better performance)
Cost per gig (in cents)  
Clickfree Portable Backup Drive
Transcend StoreJet 25F
Iomega eGo Portable
Transcend StoreJet Mobile
Fujitsu HandyDrive

The eGo did pretty well in the cost-per-gigabyte comparison, but the speed benchmarks are where it really proves its worth. Using our same test methodology, we calculated the new eGo Portable to read data at a blazing fast 29.45 megabytes per second and write at 24.72 megabytes per second. We typically see an insignificant difference in speeds across the majority of external hard drives that come through our labs, but Iomega manages to break out from the pack, transferring at a full two megabytes per second faster than the HandyDrive, the former champion.

(Longer bars indicate better performance)
USB Read (MB/s)  
USB Write (MB/s)  

Service and support
Iomega continues to set the warranty standard for external hard drives with a generous three-year limited plan that covers standard parts and labor. These new eGo Portables are the first generation of Iomega's drives to offer the full three-year guarantee, and we applaud the company for taking our criticism into consideration. The Iomega Web site and its user-to-user support forums are an excellent source for troubleshooting, but Iomega will replace the drive in the event of a manufacturer's defect.

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