HP x4500 review: A wireless mouse with curves so smooth, your hand won't want to let go

The product page says it's compatible with all modern Microsoft Windows systems, but I tested it on a Mac and a Google Chromebook and it worked just as well.

I've used the mouse eight hours a day for a week straight now and really appreciate the sculpted shape. If you're used to the monolithic plastic mice bundled with PCs these days, you'll love the sloping surface and the large thumb rest that holds your hand in a natural position.

Sarah Tew/CNET

The top panel easily pops off to reveal the battery compartment, and there's space for the USB receiver inside so it won't get lost in transit. I wasn't able to test this claim, but HP says two AA batteries can power the mouse for 30 months before you have to swap them out.

In my experience, the laser sensor underneath tested smooth and precise across most surfaces, including an office desk, a wood table and a kitchen counter. It skipped around on a marble island and didn't track at all on glass, but that's not surprising for a mouse at this price.

If you need a mouse that can track on anything, you'll have to pay a lot more for the flagship Logitech MX Master. For everyone else -- and especially shoppers on a budget with simplicity at the top of their list, the HP x4500 is a reliable mouse that cradles your hand with all-day comfort.

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