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HP Mini 210-1156sa review: HP Mini 210-1156sa

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As for storage, a 160GB hard drive is all you'll get. Now, that's not as much space as some other netbooks offer, but we struggle to think of situations where you'd need to be storing anything particularly large on these tiny machines. Like every other netbook, the Mini 210-1156 runs on Windows 7 Starter Edition.

What'cha got cookin'?

As for performance, the HP Mini 210 performs exactly as we'd expect it to -- it breezes through simple tasks like Web browsing, document-editing and email, and anything more intensive leaves it panting for breath. With an Intel Atom N455 CPU on board, clocked at 1.66GHz and backed up by 1GB of RAM, don't expect to get any real computational oomph out of this machine.


As with anything this small, don't expect superb performance from the Mini 210.

This netbook threw a bit of a wobbly when it was asked to run our PCMark05 benchmark suite, but we were able to run the CPU test, in which it scored a mediocre 1,389.

Battery life is... disappointing. When we gunned this Mini's CPU at a constant 100%, it lasted 2 hours and 14 minutes before giving up the ghost. That's not too slick for a netbook, which we'd hope would survive a full day away from the mains. With more frugal use you'll squeeze out more time, but this is still a lowly benchmark score.


In terms of performance, the HP Mini 210-1156sa does absolutely nothing new. Bog-standard power aside, this is a neat little netbook that packs decent usability into an attractive, lightweight build. It's just a shame about the battery life.

If you like the style, but fancy a higher-resolution display, try the Dell Mini 1012, or check out the Samsung N210 if you need something with better battery life.

Edited by Emma Bayly

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