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GE JB750SJSS review: Sneaky good performance from an unassuming oven

The GE JB750SJSS has a smaller oven than we've seen with other brands, but it's big enough to comfortably hold three oven racks' worth of food.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Performance is on par (or better) than similar ranges

Like the GE PB911SJSS from the same line of appliances, the GE JB750SJSS has cooking performance that holds up against similar ranges. Though it doesn't break any records in terms of cook times, the range made an admirable showing in our cook tests, especially when you consider that it's only $1,000. Let's look at boil times as an example. The GE JB750SJSS brought 112 ounces of water to boil in an average of 9.52 minutes. This performance becomes more impressive when you compare it to more expensive ranges such as the $3,099 Samsung NE58K9850WG that took more than 13 minutes to perform the same task.

Large-burner boil test (electric models)



Time to achieve rolling boil, in minutes

The GE JB750SJSS also did an incredible job cooking chicken on the convection roast setting. The skin was golden brown and crispy, and the meat was as juicy as could be. This roast was on par with what we've seen with Dacor ranges, a high-end brand with ranges that cost upward of $5,000.

Chris Monroe/CNET

The convection baking tests showed that the GE JB750SJSS's oven did a pretty good job of baking multiple racks of food evenly. The convection fan located in the back of the oven is surrounded by a heating element (a feature that manufacturers refer to as "true" or "European" convection) that GE designed to distribute heat more evenly in the oven cavity. When I baked two racks of biscuits, they browned to fairly uniform (if slightly too dark) levels. Unfortunately, the range doesn't have an auto-convert feature to lower the temperature to account for the faster baking that comes with a convection fan, so I had to reduce the temperature manually.

The photos on the left show two racks of biscuits I baked with the convection fan in use. As you can see in the color representations on the right, the browning was mostly uniform with the top rack of biscuits being slightly browner (top photos).

Tyler Lizenby and Chris Monroe/CNET

The broil tests were a little slower than what we've seen with similar ovens. It took the oven nearly 16 minutes to broil six hamburger patties at a time. However, this oven was still faster than some more expensive ranges we've tested:

Hamburger broiling test (electric models)



Time to achieve 145 degrees F, in minutes

Final thoughts

The GE JB750SJSS is a simple appliance that does the most basic cooking functions well. The cook times from this range weren't amazing, but its performance still beat more expensive competitors. For $1,000, this range would be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

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