Frigidaire FGDS3065PF review: Frigidaire oven could use more extras

Let's take a look at how fast it boiled water on its "Quick Boil" burner:

Large-Burner Boil Test (Gas Models)

Frigidaire FGDS3065PF


Time to achieve rolling boil, in minutes

The Frigidaire took an average of 11.87 minutes to bring 112 ounces of water to a boil, a competitive time when you compare it to other ranges with gas cooktops we've tested. And the Frigidaire boiled water nearly four minutes faster than the Dacor RNRP36GS, a gas range that costs three times as much as the Frigidaire.

The Frigidaire also gave a solid baking performance when in convection baking mode. The convection fan in the back of the oven wall circulates air for more even heat circulation, which is ideal when you're baking food on more than one oven rack. With the convection fan on, the Frigidaire evenly baked two racks of biscuits. The color of the biscuits teetered toward being too dark, but you could address that with shorter cook times, an easy fix when you consider the overall evenness.

The photos on the left shows two racks of biscuits I baked simultaneously on convection bake mode. The biscuits were surprisingly even across both racks. The pictures on the right show color representations of the brownness of the biscuits. The biscuits that baked on a lower rack level (bottom images) toward the front of the oven were the brownest.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

I also used the convection fan to roast a chicken. The skin wasn't as crisp as I would've liked, but the meat was juicy and tender.

The Frigidaire's broil performance was the biggest disappointment. The oven took an average of 16.78 minutes to broil six hamburger patties, which makes it among the slowest performers of the electric ovens we've tested. And the burgers cooked quickly on the outside, so the patties were nearly burnt before they all reached an interior temperature of 145 degrees.

Hamburger Broiling Test (Electric Models)

Frigidaire FGDS3065PF


Time to achieve 145 degrees F, in minutes

Final thoughts

The Frigidaire FGDS3065PF is a fine product. It boils water quickly, bakes biscuits evenly and roasts a tasty chicken. It doesn't come with a lot of add-on features we've come to expect from an oven that costs more than $2,000. But when you compare the Frigidaire to other dual-fuel ranges like the $2,599 KitchenAid KFDD500ESS, the $4,649 KitchenAid KDRS407 or the $6,320 Dacor ER30DSCH, the lack of special additions is a small price to pay for a lower-cost appliance.