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Fisher-Price Kid Tough camera review: Fisher-Price Kid Tough camera

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Kids play rough, and the Kid Tough Digital Camera is built to withstand a beating. We don't have any children working in the office, so I gave the camera my own special brand of scientific abuse. After several drops, tosses, and flings, the camera still worked just fine. One crash dislodged the memory card, but a quick reseating resolved the issue.

Unfortunately, its camera aspects aren't so great. It's very slow to shoot, lagging up to a second before a shot and up to three seconds between shots. Since it's only a VGA camera, printouts of any decent size are going to turn out poorly. Still, parents don't put their kids' crayon drawings on the fridge because they look amazing; they put them on the fridge because their kids made them. They won't be publishable works of art, but the tiny images can easily be printed out and stuck on the fridge.

The Fisher-Price Kid Tough Digital Camera isn't a very good camera, but it's an excellent toy that can help get your young child into photography. It's easy to use and nearly indestructible, so you can feel confident that your kid won't break it. It might not seem like much, but it's a good start. A colorful, rubberized VGA camera in their hands today could become a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II in their hands tomorrow.

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