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Epson EMP-DM1 review: Epson EMP-DM1

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The biggest selling point is the unit's built-in DVD player, which makes life very simple when watching a movie and means the unit is completely portable.

DVDs simply slide into a slot in the front of the projector and the menus can be controlled using the remote or controls on the top of the unit.

Picture quality is not great until you consider that this unit retails for just over AU$1,000. The serious home cinema buff is likely to cringe at the relatively huge pixels but for anyone simply looking for a large screen, this projector is an adequate performer.

One major drawback was the lack of a lens shift feature, which means the projector needs to be placed directly in front of the chosen screen (or wall). This lack of flexibility meant that in our testing room, there was a choice of watching a very satisfyingly large screen that was at a slightly skewed angle or a perfectly formed picture that was, in terms of size, no bigger than a decent LCD monitor.

Another anomaly was that the aspect ratio setting seemed to work randomly -- switching between full wide-screen and 4:3 ratio worked fine on some DVDs but had no response with others.

The projector is designed to be mobile. It has a handle on one side that neatly folds onto the projector's body when not required. Also, the EMP-DM1 has a sliding panel that protects the lens and manual focus dial when being transported.

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