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Eclipse TD307PAII review: Eclipse TD307PAII

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Chris Carrabba's passionate vocals and guitar technique with Dashboard Confessional provided the Eclipses with a more hard-hitting challenge than Feist's half-country, half-pop stylings. Multiple steel-string guitars are pounded, along with drums and piercing vocals. Again, this was convincingly reproduced, with the attack of each guitar chord almost visible in front of the speakers.

But don't think they'll replace the hi-fi cabinets in your front room -- they are blinkin' magnificent speakers, but they're truly a desktop-centric breed. They excel at lower volumes and cranking them up too high will give you some complaint-worthy distortion, notably caused by slightly overzealous low-end that should, and can, be passed onto a sub.

The lack of a precise tweeter squealing out the icy detail of extremely high frequencies means there's an ever-so-slight reduction of brightness. It's a tonal quality seldom missed by certain audiophiles, and whether this appeals to you is too subjective to even attempt to quantify. Whether you like it because it lets the speaker create a more natural sound or hate it because it's not what you expect is up to you.

There's no doubt in our minds that the Eclipse TD307PAII is a terrific set of desktop speakers, and a billion times better than the £15 job you snagged from Argos in a hurry. They have a very unique sound, one achieved with very precise engineering and an intricate understanding of sound and air. If you're looking to monitor your own recordings or put yourself centre stage at the non-ear splitting performance you crave, you'll love them.

If, however, you're just looking to hook up a set of speakers powerful enough to instantly turn ice cubes back into water, you should look elsewhere -- these speakers should be reserved for the audio purists when they're mixing in their small London apartments or quaint home studios.

Edited by Jason Jenkins
Additional editing by Shannon Doubleday

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