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Dyal Swap Signature review: Dyal Swap Signature

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Similarly, the audio player supports all major formats, but, since you're forced to use the included headphones, which are of a poor quality and not particularly comfortable, its appeal is limited.

The real kicker is that the Swap doesn't work particularly well as a watch. In an effort to save battery life, the screen goes dim when not in use, so, if you want to check the time, you'll have to give the display a quick tap first to bring everything back to life. Furthermore, the digital watch face is partially obscured by phone-related icons, which can make figuring out the time rather frustrating. 

Time to talk
Using the Swap as a phone isn't too painful an experience. Even though searching through contacts is a laborious and irksome process, the call quality is good. You'll definitely want to use a Bluetooth headset, unless you fancy trying to hold your mouth and ear to your wrist at the same time, but, fortunately, the Swap comes packaged with just such an accessory.

Connecting the Swap to your computer is pleasingly simple -- plug it in via the USB charging cable, choose 'mass storage' from the on-screen options, and then you're able to access the watch in an Explorer window. We like that there's no cumbersome software, and adding music or movies to the Swap is as simple as dragging and dropping.

The Dyal Swap Signature is a jack of all trades but master of none. The attempt to pack every feature under the sun into a tiny device compromises the quality and usability of each individual element, so that it's impossible to recommend the Swap as a good-quality phone, camera or even watch.

If the price tag weren't so high, this all-in-one device might make a decent gift, but, as it is, we think you should give it a miss. If you simply must own a watch phone, though, you should also consider the LG Watch Phone GD910 before laying down your cash.

Edited by Charles Kloet 

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