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Dell 1135n review: Dell 1135n

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Straightforward set-up

The 1135n uses a single cartridge that includes both the toner well and the image drum, so you only have one consumable to worry about. This slots into the belly of the machine once you've pulled down the front cover and is very easy to install or remove. Once it's installed in the printer, you just load up the drivers from the CD-ROM on your PC and you're ready to start printing.

The printer can be connected either locally via USB, or alternatively you can hook it up to your network via its Ethernet port -- the installation software makes using either option very straightforward.

The 1135N is a decent all-rounder that's suitable for home offices.
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The menus are very basic, as you would expect on a machine that has such a tiny display.

Speed, quality and cost

The scanner produces good quality scans, capturing more than acceptable levels of detail and good, natural-looking colours. The photocopy function is fairly speedy too, as the 1135n took just 12 seconds to copy a black and white page. The copies didn’t look all that hot, though, as pictures and shading tended to lose a lot of detail.

It was pretty speedy when it came to printing. It produced our 10-page black and white text document in 49 seconds, and took 36 seconds to print 10 copies of our graphics test document. Our 10-page business presentation, meanwhile, took a mere 37 seconds to appear.

Print results were, on the whole, very good. Text looked excellent, thanks to the almost total absence of stray toner and the crisp, clean characters that were produced. Graphics results were also strong, as it managed to reproduce the fine shading in the picture of our test document. Although there was some slight banding in large fills on our presentation, the overall quality was still very good.

The high-capacity toner cartridge for the 1135n costs £73.20, which means that a printed page works out at 3.6p when you include 0.7p for paper costs. That's more expensive than most similarly priced rivals, so this model is not going to be very economical to run over the long term.


The 1135n is a very capable multifunction machine. It offers a broad range of features, produces good quality results and is fairly speedy too. Yet it's difficult to understand why anyone would choose this model when the Samsung model costs around £50 less and makes use of cheaper consumables.

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