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Creative ZiiSound D5 review: Creative ZiiSound D5

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Bluetooth devices function wirelessly as the speaker's remote(Credit: Creative)

For its size, two 2.75-inch speakers, the ZiiSound has quite an impressive sound output. It's quite capable of filling a room, and the audio is crisp. Although there is no subwoofer, a speaker port at the rear of the unit gives low-end sound a bit of a boost, and the result is a clear, well-balanced sound at medium volume levels. Carl Orff's O Fortuna and Blue Oyster Cult's Don't Fear the Reaper both sounded full and detailed with no distortion, and the impassioned vocals on Concrete Blonde's Joey were strong and clean.

When you start to push the volume up to maximum, though, it struggles: top and bottom end lose a bit of detail, and there is a very audible speaker hiss. This is relatively normal for a speaker dock of this size, and the sound quality on lower volumes is excellent enough to make up for it.


The ZiiSound D5 is dedicated to one purpose: streaming audio wirelessly and with great sound. It performs this one purpose very, very well; but it has no additional features. No alarm clock; no digital radio; no coffee warmer. Without all the bells and whistles, you might think the AU$369.95 asking price is a little steep.

However, if you're after a wireless multimedia speaker that sounds fantastic and performs brilliantly, the ZiiSound D5 is an elegant and excellent example of its type.

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