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Compaq Presario V2000 review: Compaq Presario V2000

The Presario V2300, part of the V2000 series, comes in preconfigured versions, or you can build your own on the HP site. We explore the laundry list of available components in our HP Compaq Presario V2000 series review.

In CNET Labs' mobile benchmarks, the Presario V2300 trailed other $1,000 laptops we've tested. Due to differences in technology, however, note that the Intel and AMD CPU's performance shouldn't be interpreted strictly by the numbers. In real-world testing, we found the AMD Turion to be spry enough to handle basic computing work, such as Web surfing, e-mail, and other productivity taks; gamers and multimedia enthusiasts will need a more powerful system. Plus, the Presario V2300's 12-cell battery lasted 5 hours and 55 minutes--nearly twice the 3-hour average we expect from a six-cell battery in a midsize laptop.

HP bundles a typical one-year warranty with the Presario V2300; however, for a reasonable fee, you can extend the term to three years. HP will also cover the cost of returning the system for repairs throughout your warranty. The company's toll-free telephone-support lines are open 24/7 and offer free help during your warranty period. The HP support Web site includes one of our favorite support features--real-time chat with a tech rep--though the company limits your free chat time to just one hour. After that, you can try to troubleshoot problems yourself by searching through the site's FAQ database.

Mobile application performance
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
BAPCo MobileMark 2005 performance rating  

Battery life
(Longer bars indicate better performance)
BAPCo MobileMark 2005 battery-life minutes  

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System configurations:
Dell Inspiron 6000
Windows XP Home; 1.6GHz Intel Pentium M 730; 512MB DDR2 SDRAM PC3200 400MHz; Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express 128MB; Hitachi Travelstar 5K100 60GB 5,400rpm

Gateway M460S
Windows XP Pro; Intel Pentium M 750 1.86GHz; 512MB PC3200 DDR2-SDRAM 400MHz; Intel 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express up to 64MB ; Hitachi Travelstar 4K40 40GB 4,200rpm

HP Compaq Presario V2000Z
Windows XP Home; 2GHz Turion 64 ML-37; 1,024MB PC2700 DDR-SDRAM 333MHz; ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 200MB 128MB (shared) ; Seagate ST9808210A 80GB (NTFS)

HP Compaq Presario V2300
Windows XP Home; 1.8GHz Turion 64 ML-34; 512MB PC2700 DDR SDRAM 333MHz; ATI Mobility Radeon Xpress 200m 128MB; Fujitsu MHT2060AT 60GB 4,200rpm (NTFS)

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