Canon Pixma MP630 review: Canon Pixma MP630

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The MP630 allows you to make borderless photo prints in a range of sizes: 6x4, 5x7, 8x10 and A4. Standard 6x4-inch (10x15cm) photos took between 44 and 75 seconds, not quite the 20 seconds touted in Canon's marketing spiel. Print times varied depending on whether we were printing from a PC (slower) or card slot (faster) and the quality options selected. The print quality is clean and accurate, but colours appear slightly under-saturated. We didn't notice significant differences changing from Auto/Standard to the High Quality option, other than the (quicker) standard quality prints were a bit warmer, with a slightly yellow tint. If you want more accurate colour reproduction, it's probably worth spending another 30 seconds and a bit more ink to get a truer image.

Colour copies took between 18 and 29 seconds per page, depending on the document. Scanning documents is also a relatively quick process — we scanned a colour document to automatically attach to an email as a PDF in 19 seconds. You can scan a document or images as a JPG or PDF and you may also choose to save it to a PC, USB or memory card.

Using the included DVD/CD tray, it was easy enough to print our test image onto a DVD. The image was passable, if a little washed out. We found the sample on the printer instructions easier to get the hang of than the PC interfaces for both DVD printing and scanning.

Two final things we like about the MP630 are its Quick Start feature and its quiet operation. Although this printer drains just 2.1W of power in Standby mode, the green-minded of you will be happy to keep it off when not in use, as it's ready to print virtually as soon as the power is turned on.

It's also a bit quieter than other home multifunctions we've looked at lately. While not exactly silent, its relatively quiet operation could come in handy for small home office situations where you need to be on the phone while the printer is in operation.

At AU$19.95 each, buying refills for the MP630's five ink tanks is no small outlay. After moderate usage during our testing period, the two black and the yellow ink tanks were still pretty full, but the magenta and cyan inks were down to about 60 per cent.