Audiovox D8000IP - DVD player review: Audiovox D8000IP - DVD player

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In addition to playing iPod videos, the Audiovox D8000IP will play DVDs, audio CDs, and MP3 CDs. It will also play some video and photo files from a connected USB flash drive or a compatible memory card. As far as DVD playback was concerned, we tried numerous combinations of home-burned +R/RW and -R/RW DVD media--all of which worked without a hitch. But anyone with a large digital media collection will be disappointed with the limited file format compatibility--just MPEG movies, MP3 music, and JPEG image files. We would have really liked to have at least seen DivX compatibility--something present on the competing Philips DVD/iPod players. Meanwhile, the included remote does an adequate job navigating DVDs, but its iPod control is quite limited--you'll only be switching tracks. Navigating through music will need to be done manually. If you're not using your iPod with the unit, try storing the remote in the iPod dock slot--we found it's a good hiding spot when not in use.

Video quality is on par for a portable player, and the brightness slider on the side of the unit will allow for adjusting on the fly. Battery life is average--you'll get just under 3 hours of DVD playback or 5.5 hours of iPod video on a full charge.

If you don't need the built-in iPod dock, consider instead the Audiovox D8000XP--it's got a swivel screen and a more compact design and retails for as little as $130. On the iPod front, however, the aforementioned Philips DCP850 Docking Entertainment System definitely deserves consideration versus this Audiovox model. It offers a slightly larger screen that can swivel and fold, better file compatibility (including DivX), and a more attractive overall design--without a protruding battery. Considering that it's available for roughly the same price as the Audiovox, it makes the D8000IP a tough sell indeed.

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