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Adobe Photoshop CS2 review: Adobe Photoshop CS2

Other new features offer a high gee-whiz factor but limited real-world use. For example, Vanishing Point provides automatic perspective correction within layers, making it easy to add new objects in context to old photos, but this feature requires powerful hardware to run smoothly. The Image Warp feature, already familiar to Illustrator aficionados, may be useful for distorting text on signs, but not everyone will need this feature.

Replacing last year's file manager are two apps. Adobe Version Cue 2.0, available with the full Creative Suite package, keeps track of alternative versions of images, even those produced by non-Adobe apps. The other file-management app, Adobe Bridge, is a visual file browser that displays thumbnail images, makes a file's metadata accessible for editing, and provides the interface to the online Adobe Stock Photo service.

Adobe ImageReady CS2 remains bundled as a separate application within Photoshop CS2, although there's more integration of the two products in this release. For example, Photoshop CS2 includes an animation feature similar to that already available in ImageReady; however, neither app is up to par with a dedicated animation application.

Like other apps within the new Creative Suite environment, Adobe Photoshop CS2 uses the new Adobe Help Center, a separate window that allows you to look up topics or ask questions. However, like the similar help feature in Mac OS X, simple queries sometimes return many irrelevant answers, and the long list of available topics makes browsing tedious.

The new Help Center feature offers searchable help topics locally, augmenting Adobe's online help forums.

The Help Center provides a More Resources button, which takes you to the familiar options of online training, tips, and tutorials and forums. Phone support for Photoshop CS2 installation and product-defect issues is free, aside from toll charges. For more knotty issues, Expert Support calls are $39 per incident, and unlimited calls require a $159-per-year subscription.

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