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Apple expands interest-free financing on new products with Apple Card

Buying an iPad, Mac or AirPods just got a little easier with Apple's credit card.

The physical Apple Card. 
Sarah Tew, CNET

Apple is making it a bit easier to buy a new iPad, Mac or AirPods, adding a new interest-free financing option for those who buy various products in its lineup with the company's Apple Card

The new purchasing option is available now through the Apple Store, with those who decide to finance also eligible to get 3% back through the Card's Daily Cash cashback feature when using Apple Pay. 

The length of financing varies by product. Macs and iPads offer a 12-month option at 0% APR, while AirPods and the HomePod are at six months with 0% APR. Some accessories, such as the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro's Magic Keyboard, are also eligible for financing. The Apple Watch, however, cannot currently be financed. The iPhone was already offered interest-free as part of Apple's upgrade plan, at 24 months at 0% APR.

Using the payment method for the AirPods Pro, which sell for $249, the monthly cost would be $41.50 per month for six months (not including taxes) as opposed to having to pay the whole cost upfront. 

The financing option should appear when buying using Apple Pay on a Mac with Safari or when using the Apple Store app. You also can take advantage of the financing when using the Apple Card with Apple Pay in a physical Apple store. 

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