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Will SF Motors unleash the electric vehicle we’ve all been waiting for?

What could SF Motors unveil in the evolving world of electric cars

There are many electric cars out there from companies aiming to revolutionize mobility. Some have found more success producing at scale. Under the helm of a young newcomer CEO John Zhang, SF Motors has been quietly working on intelligent, connected, electric vehicles, and we'll all get to see what has been under the hood at the unveiling on March 28 in Santa Clara.


This month, SF Motors' autonomous technology started testing on the roads in California and Michigan. We also know the cars are powered by artificial intelligence and that SF Motors' strength lies in its manufacturing footprint in America and China.

Zhang, who is under 30, is putting SF Motors on the clean energy map. Only a year ago SF Motors announced plans for the Michigan-Sokon Research Center and established an intelligent driving research center in Beijing.


In whichever way all the research, data and design pieces come together, we expect something sleek. If you want to see the unveiling, check out the livestream from SF Motors Headquarters in Santa Clara at on Wednesday from 6pm to 7:30pm PST.