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We set up our smart apartment with Hive products and services

You can stay connected to your home wherever you are - with easy install.


We told you about Hive's entry into the U.S., but if you want an extra pair of eyes on your home and a little more fun, the Hive Home Check Plan just launched in July.

For the times you're out and about and want to check in on your home, the latest Hive smart home plan keeps you connected from wherever you are for $19.99/month with no upfront costs, and comes with the Hive Camera, Hive Active Lights and Hive Motion and Window/Door sensors. With HD live-streaming, night vision, wide-angle lens and zoom all under your control, the Hive Camera notices any activity around your house, sees what the kids are up to and finds out if your pet is misbehaving. At the touch of your fingertips with the Hive mobile app, you can even talk to your loved ones on two-way audio without missing a beat.

Those benefits are in addition to other parts of the plan, such as the Hive Window or Door Sensor which can alert you wirelessly when something is left ajar. You can use your Hive products to turn the lights on from a cool to warm glow, see how many friends the kids brought over and comfort your pets with a warm light. 


The Hive Home Check Plan sets schedules and custom alerts through the easy app for when you're on the move. That means setting up notifications when you're gone. You can turn on Hive Active Lights and sensors around your vacation schedule and also record 24/7 in HD so there's no fear of missing out on your home activity.

You don't need to hire someone to install Hive products. It's a simple solution to connect your home to what (or who) is important to you, inside and out. Today, consumers can simply use an app to check in on their homes. 


According to Roy Vella, North America VP/General Manager of Hive, "in 2020, our homes will be well on the way towards managing themselves… AI (artificial intelligence) and automation will help the mainstream consumer have a mindset shift: our homes can now work hard to look after us, rather than us working hard to look after our homes."

Tomorrow? As everything in the home becomes a surface trigger with AI and teachable programming, homes may very well start reacting to us more in the near future.

How cool is that?

To sign up for a Hive smart home plan, head to