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Watch the NBA Playoffs and Get Rewarded With Sling Rewards

When you switch to Sling, you get every NBA playoff game for the lowest price on the market and the chance to win cash.

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Americans are switching from cable TV to streaming in record numbers. But as streaming platforms multiply, their prices keep creeping up: a recent CNET survey found that streaming services are the most popular monthly subscription in US adults' budgets.

But you don't have to choose between expensive cable or a pricey streaming package. With Sling TV, you get access to over 1,000 of the most popular live channels at home and on the go for just $40 per month.

If you switch to Sling now, you'll get full coverage of the NBA playoffs for the lowest price on the market. The NBA Conference Finals begin May 21 and will be broadcast across TNT, ESPN, ESPN 3, ABC and NBA TV. 

With Sling, you get access to every game on every channel for $40 per month–almost half the price of other streaming platforms that offer full coverage of the NBA playoffs. Other platforms may offer a lower rate, but they don't include all of the channels, meaning you'll only be able to watch a few of the games.

Watch the NBA Playoffs on Sling TV

On top of giving you all of the NBA playoffs for the lowest rate on the market, Sling gives you the chance to get paid just to watch them. With Sling Rewards, each day you watch at least 30 minutes of TV earns you a chance to win one of Sling's monthly prizes, which include cash prizes of up to $10,000. Every consecutive day you watch multiplies your chances of winning: If you keep your "viewing streak" running for seven days, you win 70 entries for the monthly sweepstakes.

Sling is your go-to for live streaming whether or not you're a basketball fan. Sling's Orange and and Blue packages offer different mixes of news, entertainment and sports for $40 per month each, or you can combine them for just $60 per month. That gives you access to over 1,000 popular live channels, including Spanish-language and international channels. You can watch on your TV at home, or on the go with the Sling mobile app.

Switch to Sling today to get ready for the NBA playoffs and get a chance to win prizes simply for watching the games and shows you love.