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The smartwatches that add to your on-the-go experience

Like the look of the latest smartwatches but not sure how to pick one or even what the benefits are? Don't panic! We've got all the information you need, if you've got the time.


If you've been on the fence about buying a smartwatch, or if you think you might be ready for an upgrade from an older model, then right now is a great time to take the plunge. The latest crop of wearable devices from both Apple and Samsung are packed with some amazing features that, when paired with the right plan, can not only make your day a breeze but even help keep you happy and healthy.

It's not just about exercise

First things first: if you're still thinking of a smartwatch as a glorified step tracker then you need to get with the program. They might sit on your wrist but they're doing a lot more than just watching your feet for you.

Depending on the device you choose, your watch can remind you of your appointments and show you a whole day's schedule at a glance. You can scan emails, read messages and control your music. You can use your wearable to translate other languages, control your camera, even find your way with GPS. Whatever you're looking to do, you can find a wearable that'll make it happen. 

But it is about health

They may not just be step trackers, but that doesn't mean a smartwatch isn't going to help you with your health. Yes, they can happily let you know just how much walking you've squeezed into your day, but some models can also automatically detect specific exercises and track how long you're on the bike or how hard you've been hitting the rowing machine or what you're putting in on the elliptical trainer. In fact, with the right model, you can even track your laps in the pool.

Of course, health is about much more than time in the gym. Wear it to bed and your smartwatch can monitor your sleep and track the quality of your snooze time to make sure you're as well-rested as you can be when the morning rolls around. By monitoring your sleep cycle, you can make adjustments to your day and your bedtime to ensure you're making the most from those night-time hours.

Even when you're out of bed your watch can help you feel calm and collected. In addition to watching your heart rate, a stress tracker function can monitor your stress levels and help you out when you start to feel tense. From simple breathing exercises to detailed mindfulness apps, a wearable device can keep your mind on your day to day mental health.


Get the look

If good looks are what you're craving, then you'll feel spoiled for choice. You can pick from a big variety of styles and sizes, from the classic old school watch-look offered by Samsung to the cutting-edge designs from Apple. Personalise your watch face, pick a strap to match your outfit and lay out all the apps you use each day for easy access.

The bright, super-clear touchscreens are easy to read and even easier to navigate and the long battery life won't leave you hanging.

//Adding more oomph to your mobile device

By using a Bluetooth connection your wearable device can connect to your phone, letting you read messages, take calls, change your tunes and much, much more. But you can also head out without your phone and still get all those benefits!

Using the Optus Number Share service and a compatible smartwatch you can share a single mobile number between your phone and your watch. When your phone is around your smartwatch, it will use Bluetooth or even a Wi-Fi network to keep you connected. But your wearable can also actually connect to the Optus Network, so you can make and take calls, send messages and use data even though your phone isn't with you.

That's great for the times you might have forgotten your phone, but it's better for when you need a screen time break. Take a little 'me time' away from it all a little knowing that you can still be in contact when it counts. Pop on the running shoes, hop on the bike or just hit the gym and stay focused but connected.

Optus lets you buy your watch on a plan, just like your mobile phone, and pay it off over 12, 24 or 36 months while you remain on a connected device plan. Plus, any data on your connected device plan is pooled in with any data allowances from other Optus services you have on the same account.

You can see the full range of Number Share compatible smartwatches on the Optus website and find a plan that's right for you.