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The Honor 8X: living the bigger screen dream

As Honor is set to preview its latest phone in NYC on September 26th, the Honor 8X, we review what we know about the handset so far.

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Smartphone company Honor has been committed to pushing the envelope when it comes to melding form and function -- and the new Honor 8X shows the strength of that commitment. Set to be previewed at an exclusive event in NYC on September 26th, it blends flagship smartphone technologies with a focused and minimalist design, the Honor 8X is guaranteed to turns heads.


Off the bat, the screen on the Honor 8X immediately impresses. The display is a big 6.5-inch using Honor's Notch Full-View Display 2.0 technology.

The screen sits on a much-smaller frame than you'd expect. In fact, the Honor 8X is just 5.5-inches long which creates an incredible 91% screen-to-body ratio. Raw screen size aside, the screen-to-body ratio is essential for finding yourself immersed in the content you love

whether it's video, apps or even mobile gaming. The screen in the Honor 8X has a 19.5:9 ratio -- quite close to the 21:9 ratio used by cinemas, making this an excellent device for video watching on the move.

Slim style

The reason the Honor 8X can boast such a large screen-to-body ratio is, in many ways, thanks to some cutting-edge engineering on the inside. Honor uses an advanced chip-on-film (COF) technology and a patented antenna design to squeeze down the thickness of the phone to a mere 7.8mm. The COF process replaces the traditional Chip on Glass (COG) method. It's a little more difficult to manufacture which is why you don't see it used on many smartphones. Without getting too complex, the COF allows the panel connector to wrap around to the back of the display on the Honor 8X. This reduces the bezel significant. In fact the width of the bottom border actually narrows down to a remarkable 4.25mm, making this very slim indeed.


The Honor 8X offers a simple, elegant design.

Honor Global

Dedicated design

Honor uses the 8X to pay tribute to renowned industrial designer Dieter Ram. Ram's ethos of "less but better" is reflected in the minimalist design concept of the Honor 8X, a concept that never loses its focus on aesthetics. 

The Honor 8X uses a metal middle frame for support and strength, while a 2.5D double texture aurora glass body provides an elegant and smooth look and feel. The aurora glass body has been made with a grating effect and the parallel gradation design is actually built from a staggering 15 layers. The effect is truly striking: the body of the Honor 8X generates a different reflection as you move it through different angles and with blue, black, and red to choose from, you can get a look that reflects your own commitments to style.

Gentle on the eyes

We've talked a lot about how the Honor 8X looks, but in addition to being easy on the eyes, it's also genuinely easy on your eyes! The Honor 8X supports a new generation of Eye Comfort mode certified by the TüV Rheinland inspection groups.

This is a response to the growing concern about the effect that continued exposure to blue light can have on us. The Eye Comfort technology in the Honor 8X can reduce the blue light radiation emitted by the screen and will help prevent eye fatigue.

In addition to all that, the smartphone also features sunlight and night display technology, helping you see the screen clearly even in the bright sun and making reading before going to sleep a more comfortable experience.

As you can see, the Honor 8X shows just how committed the company is to setting new benchmarks for design, performance and value. From the minimal design to the high-end screen technology, the Honor 8X is for the consumer who isn't looking to compromise, whether that's on power, price, performance or appeal.