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The Beatbot Aquasense Pro Is a 5-In-1 Robot That Enables Hands-Free Pool Cleaning

Thanks to a 9.5 hour battery life, this home cleaning robot can scrub down your entire pool in one go.

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Swimming, relaxing, basking in the sun: A leisurely day at home by the pool is undeniably alluring. But the reality is that owning a pool means lots of maintenance, which can be time-consuming, tiring and expensive. The average cost to maintain a pool can be up to $6,000 a year according to HomeGuide, a site that aggregates average quotes homeowners get from contractors.

Smart home appliances are becoming an increasingly mainstream way to automate household chores. If you plan to make pool time a regular occurrence this summer, it might make sense to put a quality pool-cleaning robot at the top of your shopping list. 

The new Beatbot AquaSense Pro takes advantage of the latest smart home technologies to make maintaining your swimming pool a breeze. For a limited time, both the Beatbot AquaSense Pro and Beatbot AquaSense are $200 off on Beatbot's official website as well as the company's Amazon store.


Why consider a pool-cleaning robot?

Pool cleaning is one of the more involved summer chores. It takes time to clean your pool walls and floor. You have to add the right cleaning chemicals in the right ratios. And after all that work, the reality is that pools get dirty again quickly.

Pool-cleaning robots automate the process of picking up dirt, bugs, leaves and nearly anything else so you don't have to. While some may still want to hire a professional service for things like testing chlorine levels and making sure the heating system is working correctly, a smart home robot can handle most of the regular cleaning work on demand with the push of a button. No more nets, no more baskets.

Beatbot's AquaSense Pro stands out as the world's first 5-in-1 pool cleaning solution, designed to thoroughly clean every aspect of your pool, from the floor and walls to the waterline on the surface. The robot's track wheels grip to pool surfaces as powerful brushes clean them, and the AquaSense Pro's industry-first ClearWater Clarifier Dispenser ensures consistently clean pool water. 

For consumers seeking a comprehensive pool cleaning solution, the AquaSense Pro eliminates the need to purchase multiple robots or tools for different aspects of pool maintenance.


Smart software, robust hardware and intelligent return

Other smart pool robots sometimes miss spots or go over an area multiple times unnecessarily. To solve this, the Beatbot AquaSense Pro introduces Intelligent Path Optimization, in which a powerful quad-core 1.8GHz processor and an advanced 20-sensor system enable precise pool mapping and obstacle avoidance. The appliance also has industry-exclusive intelligent return and surface parking, eliminating the need to retrieve the robot from the pool at the end of its cleaning cycle. 

Tracking technologies are revolutionizing the smart home cleaning industry because they empower robot appliances to analyze an environment and devise an optimal cleaning path. The Beatbot AquaSense Pro does the same, tailoring to various pool sizes, shapes and materials including concrete, ceramic tiles, vinyl and fiberglass, and adapts saved routes on-the-fly to accommodate changing conditions and ensure a thorough cleaning every time.

On the hardware side, the AquaSense Pro uses a brushless main-pump motor delivering up to 5500 GPH suction, along with 2-by-2 ultra-long roller brushes for better coverage and efficiency. The dual filters trap debris, gunk and dirt as small as 150 microns, and the robot's huge 10400 mAh battery supports up to 9.5 hours of continuous cleaning from a single charge. The Beatbot AquaSense Pro is also 100% cordless, and users can simply place the robot in its dock charging station to get it recharged.

The AquaSense Pro is also controlled with a smartphone app powered by the Beatbot Operating System, allowing its users to operate the unit and track its progress from wherever they want. Users can select different cleaning modes, including a custom mode that allows them to specify a specific area of the pool, and can view cleaning statistics after each cycle.


For those who like their home products truly smart, the AquaSense Pro is a great pick as your next pool cleaning robot. Usually priced at $2,199, the Beatbot AquaSense Pro is currently $1,999 as part of Beatbot's Spring Sale, while the Beatbot AquaSense – the brand's mid-range model – is available for $1,099, down from $1,299. Both are available on the Beatbot Amazon store.