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Speed demon: The OnePlus 6 is fast, fancy and feature-packed

OnePlus’ new flagship phone continues the company’s record of delivering high performance and premium design at an affordable price.

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With the highest quality specs, an eye-catching glass design and a gloriously vibrant edge-to-edge screen, the OnePlus 6 is the hottest handset of the moment – and O2 is the only UK network offering it on contract.

Here are 6 ways the OnePlus 6 is shaking up the smartphone world.

1) It's built for speed…

The OnePlus 6 might be more affordable than other flagship phones, but it still comes equipped with the very finest in computing hardware and runs on OnePlus' own OxygenOS platform, a modified version of Android 8.1 Oreo that has been engineered to ensure speed and responsiveness.

The class-leading Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip is the beating heart of the handset, offering scorching processing power and superb energy efficiency, keeping the 6 well stocked with both speed and stamina. It's backed up with up to 8 GB of RAM for slick multi-tasking, letting you shift swiftly from games to work to web browsing, opening apps in next to no time and putting the '6' firmly among the fastest handsets on the market.


2) …but its camera goes super slow-mo

Make your clips more dramatic with the OnePlus 6's super slow-mo function, which records video at 480 frames per second for ultra-smooth frame-by-frame playback at regular speeds. Alternatively, switch to 4K 60fps mode to capture your surroundings in eye-popping detail.

The 16 MP main, rear camera comes with Optical Image Stabilisation and a fast startup time to ensure that you won't miss the shot - and that your shaky hands won't spoil it either. The sensor is twinned with another 20 MP lens to complete the OnePlus 6's dual camera set-up that brings you beautiful, social-media ready, bokeh-effect images.

3) It's smoothly styled

With tough, smooth and gently curved Gorilla Glass 5 both front and back, the 6 is OnePlus' sleekest design to date, subtly reflecting light to look stunning from any angle. Not only that, it's water resistant to endure everyday life, making it capable of surviving Britain's drizzly climate (just don't go swimming with it!).

4) It's a gamer's delight

Fire-up and toggle-on OxygenOS' Gaming Mode to reduce latency, smooth out animations and load up your favourite games faster. Gaming Mode also cancels notifications and turns off softkey buttons, keeping you focused on the fun in hand.


5) It's big on screen, light on bezels

Sporting OnePlus' largest screen to date, the 6 shows you more of what you want to see without increasing the size of the overall device. The bright, vibrant 6.28-inch, 19:9 Aspect Ratio, 2280 x 1080 pixel display covers almost the entire front face of the phone – all except a tiny notch at the top to accommodate the selfie camera, speaker and LED notification light.

Big, beautiful and built with AMOLED technology for punchier picture quality and rich colours, the 6's screen is the perfect window into a wonderful world of content, whether it's videos, photos, apps, games or websites you're viewing. And with five different display modes including Night Mode and Reading Mode, it's easy to tweak the image to suit your needs.

6) It whisks you to the hottest events faster

Like all phones on O2, the OnePlus 6 gives you access to O2 Priority, the exclusive service that lets you buy tickets for events at The O2 48 hours before general release. Priority also enables fast-track entry to The O2, free use of its cloakrooms and VIP access to the Priority Lounge before and after events.

So there you have it: A list of 6 killer features that set the speedy OnePlus 6 aside from the pack – and all on a phone with a refreshingly accessible price tag. So, if you want slick speeds, eye-catching looks, an incredible screen and a camera that'll capture your exploits in gorgeous slow-mo, look no further than the OnePlus 6, with UK contracts available exclusively through O2.