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Power Your Genius with AMD Ryzen™ Processors for Back to School and Beyond

No matter what school looks like these days, students need laptops that support their work and play


The next generation of artists, coders, and content creators—not to mention engineers and entrepreneurs—returns to class this fall.

While fall on campuses won't look like it used to—and guidance on in-person or online classes seems to change daily—it's clear that hybrid learning is here to stay. This means that it's even more important that students are ready to start the new semester right, with a laptop that can keep up with their schoolwork and creative ambitions, and help them keep in touch with their friends and families.   

Today's students need PCs that can handle everything from HD video conferencing to application multitasking, and still save some battery power for the end of the day so students can unwind with their favorite movies, music, or games. Fortunately, laptops powered by AMD Ryzen™ Processors are the perfect tool for success, both in school and beyond.  


Many devices aimed at students just don't have the processing power today's students need, much less for someone starting their career, but AMD Ryzen™ Processor-powered systems can support even the most demanding software. The tech-savvy will appreciate the specs: up to 8 high-performance processor cores built with the most advanced 7-nanometer technology in the world, to deliver the perfect combination of speed and smart battery life. But what does that mean for you, the demanding student?

YouTuber Johnny Brooke of Crafted Workshop used a laptop powered by AMD Ryzen™ Processors to plan and execute a complex DIY closet makeover. He relied on the laptop's ability to run intensive programs—even 3D modeling software—simultaneously, while the long battery life enabled him to focus on the work at hand. With his laptop, Brooke could work all day in his shop, just like students can work in chemistry labs, the art studio, or the library, without worrying about finding a place to plug in. AMD Ryzen™ Processors power some of today's most premium laptops, and they feature top-notch user experiences like touch screens, amazing graphics, and advanced displays. 

The world is your classroom

AMD Ryzen™ Processor-powered laptops are built for two things—speed and portability—which makes them perfect for students who need to get work done in any environment. From the lecture hall or library to the conference room of their first big internship, students can rely on AMD Ryzen™ Processors for maximum battery life and flexibility for their demanding schedules, in school and as they pursue their passions in their careers. 

If you need proof that you can take these laptops anywhere, look no further than adventurer and author Ross Edgley. Edgley studied sports science and spent ten years traveling the world, writing about fitness and health. With the help of AMD Ryzen™ Processor-powered devices, which he describes as his "assistant coach, illustrator, editor, and co-author," the laptop helped Edgley not lose momentum as he did his research for his book. His laptop always provided long battery life and reliable support, allowing him to multitask, keep multiple browser windows open, and reference all his research and materials for hours on end. And thanks to available large-capacity SSD storage, Edgley never had a problem with resource management, even while traveling with a library of thousands of sports science articles and high-resolution imagery for his videos on kinesiology. If an AMD Ryzen™ Processor-powered laptop can support a research project of that size, just imagine what it can do for term papers and group presentations.

Man sitting on a dock in a wetsuit working on a laptop
@rossedgley, AMD Paid Influencer

No place like home

At home or in the dorm, AMD Ryzen™ Processor-powered laptops are perfect for multi-tasking, organization, entertainment, and more. Aileen Xu of Lavendaire detailed her home office experience in this article about increasing productivity. Xu describes how she connects her laptop to multiple monitors, running compute-intensive programs like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere in the background, while also switching between multiple tabs. She trusts her PC to keep everything running smoothly all day. AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors also support premium convertible devices that switch effortlessly from laptop to tablet, delivering exceptional video and image quality.

Laptop on a desk
@lavendaire, AMD Paid Influencer

And when the work is done, everyone needs downtime. Between the grind of homework and moments of creative inspiration, AMD Ryzen™ Processor-powered laptops are perfect for watching movies with friends, binge-watching series, and having dance parties over Zoom. Students also use their laptops to stay connected with friends via multiplayer gaming and to video chat with their families back home. AMD Ryzen™ Processors support laptops that are built for the work hard, play hard lifestyle in school, after school, and beyond.

Smiling student working on laptop

A laptop powered by AMD Ryzen™ Processors is future-ready. The latest generation of AMD Ryzen™ Processors are found in premium devices from the top computer brands, and feature the most powerful performance1 and most advanced features2 available in a mobile processor today. Technology moves quickly, but an AMD device is built to last and will keep students at the top of the class. Students and young professionals need a laptop that encourages them to work hard, express themselves, and dream big. With the uncompromising power and energy efficiency of AMD Ryzen™ Processors fueling your college experience, all that’s left to add is your passion. 

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  1. Tested by AMD Labs in December 2020. The Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors are the fastest mobile processors with the highest-performing single-thread and multi-thread performance available on an x86 mobile processor, measured with Cinebench R.20 1T and Cinebench R20 nT respectively, using similarly configured systems with Ryzen 9 4900H, Ryzen 9 5980HX and Ryzen 5980HS processors vs Core i9-10980HK, Core i7-1185G7 processors. Performance may vary. CZM-35

  2. As of December 2020, the Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors are the "Most advanced mobile processors," defined as the highest-performing single-thread and multi-thread performance available on x86 mobile processors enabled by superior 7nm manufacturing technology on a small node. CZM-26