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iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery brings your lost memories back to life

Designed to help overcome data disasters, iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery application helps consumers recover a lot of deleted information

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If you have ever lost or accidentally deleted personal data from your iPhone, then you will know the overwhelming sense of sickness deep in the pit of your stomach that comes when you realise something precious is gone.

While experts regularly assert the importance of secure storage and regular data backups, it is also true that accidents can happen. We live in a busy world and our quick decisions can sometimes have unfortunate consequences. A couple of errant clicks and those precious family photos or private messages can be consigned to the digital waste bin.

Accidental deletion is just one data loss scenario. Devices can be damaged, attacked or stolen, systems can crash, and passwords can be forgotten. Thankfully, the good news is your lost iPhone data might be recoverable in all these scenarios.

When the panic subsides, take a deep breath and download a data recovery solution to help bring those valuable memories back to life.


Facing the challenge

Your starting point should be a tried and tested application. Tools from retrieval specialist iMyFone are trusted by more than two million users globally. Its iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery application is designed to help consumers recover lost of deleted data from iOS devices, whether that's an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

The software, which is available for Windows and Mac computers, supports almost all iOS devices and iOS versions, including iPhone 8, iPhone X and iOS 11. D-Back can be downloaded directly from the iMyFone official web site and provides a higher chance of data retrieval. The software includes four in-built recovery modes that will help you find your data easily.

The first mode, Smart Recovery, is specially-designed with non-technical novices in mind. This easy-to-use mode is great news for users who fear any attempt to recover data is going to involve a deep dive into file systems.

Smart Recovery is created with the consumer in mind. It is designed to help you find lost data quickly, depending on the situation in which the information was lost. D-Back's user-friendly interface proves data retrieval doesn't have to be an intractable challenge.


Taking steps to recover

If you're looking for a deeper dive into file systems, then the second mode – Recover from iOS Device – will scan your device deeply to look for lost information. This is a great tool for individuals who have accidentally deleted data without making a backup.

Start the mode and then simply select the data you want to retrieve. Note that D-Back can recover multiple data types. Through a clear and straightforward user interface, users simply pick the data types they want to bring back.

These types include WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat and Kik messages. Users can also retrieve notes, text messages, iMessages, photos, videos, contacts and voice memos. It is also possible to recover your call history and Safari browsing history.

After selecting data types, users simply connect their iOS device to their computer to start the D-Back scan for lost information. Users can preview results and see recoverable data on-screen. With just a click on the asset and the initialisation of the recovery process, retrieved data is sent to the file location of the user's choice.

Restoring your information

The final two modes of D-Back are for users who have backups in place. Remember that backing up data to iTunes or iCloud can play a crucial role, even if your data has already been deleted. You might not be aware, but a backup to either of these systems saves not only stored data but also some deleted files. These files, however, are not accessible by default.

Helps in this situation comes in the third and fourth modes of D-Back, which are created to help users recover data from iTunes or iCloud backups. These modes allow users to extract both the saved data – and, most crucially, the hidden data – from backup files.

The Recover from iTunes Backup mode can begin the data recovery process, even if your iOS device is seriously damaged or not at hand. The Recover from iCloud Backup, meanwhile, can download your iCloud backup to your computer to avoid restoring and losing the existing data on your iOS device.


Making the most of the software

The four subtly different recovery modes of D-Back represent a greater chance of users retrieving lost data. As a bonus, it should be noted the software also includes the capability to fix iOS issues without data loss.

These errors – which might include problems like permanent black screen, stuck at Apple logo and no response – can be tackled by the application. These extra features of D-Back provide additional piece of mind and help individuals to potentially fix iOS devices from the comfort of their home, without having to turn to costly repair experts.

Best of all, consumers can take advantage of these combined features in a free trial before purchase. The application is just one of a range of iMyFone specialist applications, including erasure, transfer, and backup and restore. Further details on these products are available on the iMyFone website.

If your problem is lost data, then iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery provides a secure way for even novice users to retrieve treasured information. D-Back proves that, while data loss can be painful, it doesn't have to be permanent.