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How SimpliSafe is Protecting Your Home This Holiday Season

With the SimpliSafe home security system, your house is protected from all kinds of intruders and threats—even when you're not there.

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Watch this: How SimpliSafe is protecting your home this holiday season

Ah, the holiday season. A time for rest, relaxation, family, and…intruders? Frozen pipes? Power outages? Yes, the jolly does tend to come with unwanted, stress-inducing moments of "bleh." Luckily, SimpliSafe is around to alleviate many of the aches and pains brought on by winter, at a very affordable rate.

Here are eight ways the trusted home security system is bringing peace of mind to folks during the holiday season. And to cats like Chester (see: video above).

Intruder Alert


Homes are most vulnerable to break-ins when the families who live in them are away. So, the holidays are prime burgle szn. Just ask Chester. Fortunately, SimpliSafe's Entry and Glassbreak Sensors, plus an Extra 105dB alarm, work in tandem to stop intruders in their tracks, alerting homeowners and the police of any "naughty" behavior. To nix any The Kitty Files: Home Alone situations.

The Roof, The Roof, The Roof is on Fire!


Or perhaps more likely, the oven was mistakenly left on as the family sits down for a big feast. Either way, SimpliSafe's Smoke Detector alerts the fire department of burning, smoke, or popular mid-80s hip-hop songs frightfully coming to life.

Water Damage Control


Detect leaks and potential floods early with SimpliSafe's Water Sensor. Place one of these bad boys near a central plumbing unit or the roof to help prevent ruined carpets, mold infestations, and discolored panelling. Because the only drip worth worrying about during the holiday season should involve ugly sweaters.

Frozen Pipe Dreams


What screams winter more than frozen pipes? Frigid temperatures are the primary cause of these massive seasonal headaches. No more. When room temps plummet to 41 degrees or below, and pipes become extra susceptible to freezing and ultimately bursting, SimpliSafe Freeze Sensors trigger an alarm. This notifies homeowners via text or call to take any necessary measures to guessed it…freezing. For an extra layer of protection, the SimpliSafe app provides hourly readings of the home's temperature to signal when climates are trending to harmful.

Power Outages


Blizzards used to be winter's favorite weather. That is, until "arctic blasts," "bomb hurricanes," and many more terrifyingly named phenomena came along. Luckily, backup batteries keep SimpliSafe devices running, even when a polar volcano (or the storm du jour) knocks out power and ruins movie night.

Animal Safety


Heading to Hawaii for a family vacay? SimpliSafe keeps the home and all of the contents within it secure—pets included. Motion Sensors discern the difference between human and animal movements, so Chester the cat won't be mistaken for someone less friendly. Meanwhile, SimpliSafe's keypads allow homeowners to arm and disarm the security system with the touch of a button (no matter where they are), and set up guest pins. That means friends, family, and pet sitters can enter with ease, while unexpected visitors cannot.

The Living Room Channel


Get the popcorn ready! The SimpliCam captures real-time footage of the house and disseminates it through the SimpliSafe app. So, the living room channel is always available for viewing pleasure. Prefer watching a different "show"? Go ahead, and let SimpliSafe's monitoring center do what they do best, 24/7. They'll reach out directly and dispatch the police (or fire) departments should any suspicious activity go down.

Who's At The Door?


A family member? A grinch? The Video Doorbell Pro records live—in 1080p HD—the person(s) attempting to enter the house. Because it connects to the SimpliSafe app, see who's at the door from the bedroom or a hammock in paradise.