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CNET Adventures with Honor - The Honor 8X

CNET loves an adventure, so we have partnered with Honor to get hands on with some of their latest devices, delve into their best features and put them to the test. In this video we check out the Honor 8X.

The recently released Honor 8X is all about pushing life beyond limits, and we here at CNET decided to take that as a challenge! In this video our CNET Editor Ko, alongside Kiersten from The Blonde Abroad, see the sights of Sydney and take to the air to see just how well the 8X performs when pushed beyond limits.

The Honor 8X offers one of the brand's biggest screens, with a 6.5 inch near-border-less display that has a 91% screen-to-body ratio. This is due to the Honor 8X's chip-on-film technology (COF) and specially designed antenna, which allows the device to house its massive display, decrease the thickness of the body and minimize the display border to only 4.25mm in width.

As AI becomes ever more present in our daily lives, the Honor 8X is using this incredible technology to make sure you are taking the best photos possible. Its 20 MP AI camera is smart enough to analyse your photography, identify the subject matter and apply the best scene modes and corrections to your photos for the best results.

All this ground breaking technology is paired with a 3750 mAh battery and intelligent battery save system to ensure that the Honor 8X always has the power to keep you connected and pushing beyond your limits.

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