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Choose Smarter with the Samsung Galaxy S10

When buying a new phone, choosing the best handset is only half the journey. Enjoying the full potential of your device can also depend on the mobile service provider you choose.

It's time for a new phone and you've made a smart choice: you've decided to go for the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S10.

Maybe you're a long time Samsung Galaxy user or maybe you're making a move from a different smartphone manufacturer. Maybe it was the 6.1-inch Super AMOLED screen[1] that tempted you, with that incredible 3,040 x 1,440 pixels resolution. Maybe it was the ground-breaking triple-lens camera system offering smartphone photography like you've never experienced.

Maybe you just wanted that super-sized battery to keep you rolling all day long.

Whatever it was, you've made a smart choice. Now it's time to make an even smarter move and back it up with a service provider that can help you get the most from your new Samsung Galaxy S10.

Smarter Data

It's a data-hungry world out there, whether you're catching up on what's happening in the world, having a listen to your favourite audio books or even bingeing the latest hit TV show on your way to work.

There's no point in having the hottest new phone on the block if your data plan is going to let you down. The days of 5GB getting you through the month are well and truly over -- if they ever really existed in the first place!

Optus offers up to a whopping 200GB on their big data plans, letting you get more from your Samsung Galaxy S10 experience. Share those incredible photos and even make sure they're backed up safely in the cloud without having to worry about going over your data limit.

So, play your new favourite mobile game, send as many Insta-stories as you want or even catch up on the world of Westeros: maybe all men must die but your data allowance doesn't have to.

Smarter Sport

When the season is in full swing, no one wants to miss a match -- and you won't have to when you pair a Samsung Galaxy S10 with Optus. You'll not only get every Premier League and UEFA Champions League match live on the Optus Sport app, but Optus is also the official broadcaster of UEFA Nations League, UEFA Europa League, European Qualifiers and UEFA Euro 2020.

You get live and select games on demand, plus expert insights and analysis, all on your phone -- and there's no extra cost for Optus customers. You get live and select games on demand, plus expert insights and analysis, all on your phone -- and there's no extra cost for Optus customers on selected plans. [2]

Smarter Docos

Not a football fan? No worries! Optus can take you around the world all from the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10 with the National Geographic app.

Watch the latest blockbusters and the best National Geographic documentaries all on demand. There are hundreds of shows and thousands of viewing hours for you to dive into.

There's even every issue of National Geographic magazine dating back to 2009, plus all of Nat Geo's greatest hits. Real stories from around the world -- really easy to watch thanks to Optus. [3]

Smarter Value

If getting one Samsung Galaxy device is a smart move, then just think what a great move it is to get two.

On select Optus plans you'll not only get the Samsung Galaxy S10, plus all the Optus benefits we've just talk about -- you can also pick up a Samsung tablet as a bonus in your bundle!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 is all yours on the right plan from Optus, making this a powerful combo when it comes to big value for money! [4]

You'll love your new Samsung Galaxy S10 -- but you'll love it even more when you follow a smart move with an even smarter one and head to Optus for the best combination of value, data, and entertainment that you could possibly want.

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1 Measured diagonally, Galaxy S10's screen size is 6.1" in the full rectangle and 6.0" with accounting for the rounded corners; the actual viewable area is less due to the rounded corners and camera hole

2 T&C: Subscription, compatible device and Australian app store account required. Optus Sport is a month-to-month subscription and does not form any part of an Optus Plan.

3 T&C: Avail. until June 2020 on select plans. Personal viewing in Aus. 18+ yrs. or 15-17 with parental permission.

4 T&C:  Bonus offer available by redemption with selected plans and devices. Ends 30/6/19 & must be redeemed by 15/7/19. Limit 1 per service.