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4 things you should do to protect your kids online

You can’t keep an eye on your child’s internet habits every minute of the day, but there are some things you can proactively do to ensure their safety and privacy online.

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The internet can be a great resource for your children when it comes to education and entertainment, even on vacation. However, there is also an abundance of content online that may not be appropriate for your kids. Though you can't watch over your child every moment of the day – especially while you're away – there are ways to maintain your family's online safety and privacy while protecting your kids from exposure to harmful or inappropriate content and malicious users.

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Here are just a few ways to keep your kids safe online during the holiday break and beyond:

1. Block the usage of adult sites and malicious content

One of the easiest ways to safeguard your children from unsuitable online content is by setting filters that impact what sites they can navigate to.

Though you can't always see which sites your children are accessing, you can automatically block inappropriate sites in advance. Security devices that have site blockers, like Trend Micro Home Network Security, create a safer digital environment for your kids to use the internet. Not only do they allow you to block sites on any device that connects to the home network, they may also enable you to filter which sites your children are browsing to ensure that their behavior online is appropriate and safe.

2. Manage usage of gaming sites

Gaming has become one of the most popular pastimes for teens, but not all online games are age-appropriate. In addition, many parents don't want their children to get into the habit of playing games all day during their breaks from school.

No matter how closely you watch over your kids while they are on online, it is nearly impossible to keep an eye on all devices at all times. With the monitoring that Trend Micro Home Network Security provides, you can keep track of gaming on all devices. You can track usage and set time limits on gaming consoles and tablets, filter out specific websites, and manage devices' settings from your smartphone.

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3. Talk to your kids about safe internet usage

Studies show it is also vital for parents to discuss internet safety and proper usage with their children.

Have a conversation about how malicious online behavior doesn't just come from strangers like criminals and hackers. Online bullying can also come from classmates and peers. That's why it's important that parents speak with their children about how to use the internet responsibly and what they should do if they encounter dangerous content as well as bad behavior.

4. Set time restrictions

Another way to keep your kids safe online is by setting time limits on their internet usage. When you control how long and how often your children are online, you'll be better able to make sure that they aren't spending too much time online, reducing the risk that they are visiting sites that are not safe or healthy.

Devices like Trend Micro Home Network Security let you set time restrictions on how often your children are online via their connected devices and can even send alerts when someone tries to access the internet after their time limit has been reached. 

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In short: the smartest way to take control of your family's internet security and privacy is to monitor your children's online activities and manage when they access it. Fortunately, tools like Trend Micro Home Network Security can protect all the connected devices in your home from hackers and web threats, while also giving you the option to restrict web usage for your kids. Stay safe out there! And keep your kids safe!

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