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YouTube singing sensation takes mother to court

Brendan MacFarlane, 11, whose YouTube videos have won him an invite to appear on "Maury's Most Talented Kids," needs mom to hand over his passport.

Scotland seems to have cornered the YouTube market for singing wonder.

After Susan Boyle's hair and talent exploded on YouTube, may I introduce you to Brendan MacFarlane.

Brendan, from Perth, Scotland, is 11. He is a very sweet little boy. He likes to sing Ray Charles songs. Oh, and he's taking his mother to court.

Brendan, you see, has been invited to appear on "Maury's Most Talented Kids." This is a show which has, until now, escaped my attention.

But I am assuming that it is a show on which small, talented people do large, talented things, while the chap who became terribly famous by asking slightly older people to take paternity tests and shout a lot live on air, looks on, enchanted.

Brendan lives with his father, George. The parents experienced an unhappy breakup. And his mother, Angela White, has Brendan's passport, which he rather needs as "Maury's Most Talented Kids" is filmed in New York.

However, Ms. White doesn't seem entirely keen to hand the passport over. Worse, the BBC reported that she didn't turn up at the court hearing last week because, she said, she had an upset stomach.

The case will not be heard again until next month, although Ms. White has been asked to being a medical certificate to prove that it was, indeed, her stomach that was playing up.

Oh, Brendan. Don't believe what anyone tells you. The road to stardom has never been paved with yellow bricks.