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'Youth & Consequences' trailer promises a woke 'Mean Girls'

The new YouTube Red series comes from the producer of Grey's Anatomy and the first episode is free.

'Youth & Consequences' is a new eight-episode dramedy from YouTube Red.

Released on March 7, the show chronicles the struggles of growing up in the digital age and stars prominent YouTuber Anna Akana, who has more than 1.9 million subscribers.

Akana plays trendsetter Farrah Cutney, a student of Central Rochester High and "queen bee" of the school. But as competition rises, she soon learns that holding onto her power will be no easy task.

The show pledges to "dive into the private lives of today's tech-savvy teens" and "unearth the struggles of personal identity."

The series also stars Marcia Cross ("Desperate Housewives") as Principal Cowher and Cary Elwes ("The Princess Bride") as Farrah's father.

YouTube Red is a paid streaming subscription service available in the United States, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, and South Korea.