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Your vote could change Facebook's privacy policy

Google is officially in the hardware business, some well-loved sites take home Webby Awards, and Facebook is expected to let users vote on its privacy policy.

It's time to vote on Facebook policy, expect changes in Motorola, and give thanks in five words:

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Within the coming days, expect the chance to vote on Facebook's privacy policy. Facebook recently made an amendment stating that if it announces a policy change and 7,000 users write comments on that announcement post, then Facebook has to put it up to a world-wide vote. Activists from the website encouraged people to post comments on a recent change, and it worked: more than 47,000 comments poured in, so its expected Facebook will open the change to a user vote. has made several requests for change, such as letting users opt-in to new Facebook features. Often users are automatically enrolled in new features and have to opt-out.

Google is officially in the hardware business, as its acquisition of Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion has been finalized. Google wanted the mobile arm of Motorola for its treasure trove of patents, but Google has a few different options on what it could do with Motorola. It could use Motorola to make more pure-Android devices, or it could just take the patents and sell the company.

Verizon is updating four of its Android smartphones, adding the ability to roam on global GSM networks. (GSM is the wireless standard in Europe.) Software updates are coming to the Droid Razr, Droid Razr Maxx, Droid 4 and HTC Rezound.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket blasted off early Tuesday morning without problems, sending a cargo ship with supplies to the International Space Station. This flight marks a new era for commercial, for-profit space missions. (Wait... isn't the movie Prometheus centered around a for-profit space exploration? Great timing, Hollywood.)

The best of the Web was honored Monday night at The 16th Annual Webby Awards, held in New York City. The late Steve Jobs was honored in a star-studded tribute, featuring celebrities like Bono, George Lucas, Jon Stewart -- and there was even a comment from President Obama.

This year's Webby for Person of the Year went to Louis C.K. in recognition of his latest stand-up special, which he distributed online himself and charged $5 for a DRM-free download. That changed the game for future entertainers who want to cut out the middleman.

The photo app Instagram was named Webby Breakout of the Year, and viewers voted the rainbow-tail pop-tart-bodied Nyan Cat as Meme of the Year.

But that's not all: A big thanks goes out to our CNET TV fans for voting us as best online video in technology. I had the honor to accept the award this year and give the five-word speech. CNET fans, FTW!

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