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You'll get your allowance when you clean your cube!

Some companies giving cell phone allowances.

The Wall Street Journal reports that some companies -- instead of dictating what kind of smart phone their employees must use -- are giving them an allowance and letting them pick, and support, their own.

Before all you cubicle monkeys out there start having visions of corporate-subsidized iPhones dancing in your heads, the piece notes that the profiled company, KLM, only supports connectivity to corporate email and scheduling if the phone runs Windows Mobile.

The Macalope himself has tried Outlook Web Access on his iPhone and it's basically unusable because the buttons can't get large enough for you to actually click them with any accuracy.

Particularly if you have massive hooves.

Still, if this kind of thing catches on -- and the iPhone is as popular with executives has the horned one thinks it will be -- you might some day be forced to work on the weekend from your iPhone.