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Yes! A social networking site for models

Model Feed is the name of a remarkable new social networking site. Think of it as Face(and body)book for models where almost every post is headlined with an exclamation point!

There are a lot of ugly people on Facebook. One doesn't even need to look to know that this is a statistical certainty.

And sometimes it is hard for some people to trawl through all the difficult pictures (remember, these are the best versions of these folks) before they find a friend who might be termed attractive.

I have excellent news for these people. There is now a social-networking site for models. Yes, nary a blemish, nary a dirty tooth. And nary a short person, save for Danny DeVito.

Please allow me to explain.

Modelfeed seems simply to be a site where the beautiful people can talk to each other, intermingle and enjoy slightly eugenic social networking away from the malformed, deformed and ill-informed of society.

On Modelfeed, every profile is a winner. Every face is translucent. And every post seems to be headlined with an exclamation point!

"On Set with Danny Devito!" for example. These are the giddy words of the model Sarah Stevens (5 feet, 10 inches, 34-23-34), who appears to have spent the day on the set of a movie called "Solitary Man."

This is Estonian model Tiiu Kuik. She is not on Modelfeed. Why not? CC Christopher Peterson/Flickr

She was, perhaps, only booked for a day. But this day was long enough for her to drape her arms around DeVito's neck, lean a long way down and pose with him for an endearing souvenir snap. Which went straight to her Modelfeed profile.

Sarah's recent posts include: "Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting!" and "Happy Easter from NYC!"

Pania Rose (5 feet, 10 inches, 34-24-35) has one very excited post: "Don't Panic- We're Organic!" She appears to enjoy time spent in the country, having a fondness for fresh-laid eggs.

The Modelfeed home page shows a comment left for Pania Rose. It reads: "You are dreamy and thank you for sharing your goo."

This comment concerned me greatly. Greatly.

Until I realized it was marginally abbreviated by the word count exigencies of the home page. The full comment, on Pania's profile page, is identical. Except for the fact that the last word is 'goodness'.

Modelfeed sends a very clear message: a model's life is not an unhappy one.

Pania Rose plays her ukelele. Catherine McNeil (5 feet, 11 inches, 33-24-34) loves kids' movies like "Monsters Inc" and "Finding Nemo" and the last thing she bought was Lucas's PawPaw ointment.

And Karlie Kloss (5 feet, 11 inches, 32-23-33) is obsessed with kitchen equipment and her favorite place to eat is, quite naturally, Lombardi's Pizza.

Models are just like you and me. It's just that they're so happy!