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Yep, it's playable Tetris on a business card

An Arduino-based project shakes up the boring world of business cards by embedding a playable Tetris game.

The Arduboy is a business card and a tiny gaming gadget. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Business cards are used to share your contact information and make a good impression. Even the fanciest paper business card can't hold a candle to technical designer Kevin Bates' Arduboy interactive business card that comes with a playable game of Tetris built into it.

Bates built the card using the tiniest Arduino he could find, an OLED screen, and a piezo speaker. The whole creation is only slightly thicker than a penny. It has working buttons for controlling the game, and could conceivably be programmed to play a lot more old-school games besides just Tetris. Bates is already working on a Pokemon game for the platform.

The power requirements are pretty low, so the card can run for over nine hours of playtime on a button cell battery. The Tetris game is pretty much full-featured, though it doesn't come in color. It will even log high scores with your initials.

Bates is planning to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks, aiming for a $30 price for a kit to make your own Arduboy. Hand-assembled units would go for $50. He plans to make the kit accessible for beginners as a learning tool for getting into electronics. One of his goals is to release the design files and source code under an open-source license.

Bates hopes other developers will create new games for the platform. Of course, the card could also be used to convey your pertinent work details, but everybody will just skip past the boring stuff and go straight for the Tetris challenge. This is one business card that won't end up in the throwaway pile.