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Yahoo teams with Hulu for free TV-streaming service

Yahoo View encompasses Hulu's free library of TV, anime, Korean drama and movies. Meanwhile, Hulu is reportedly transitioning to a subscription-only service.

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Yahoo is the new Hulu, sort of. Hulu's free streaming content will be available on a new site called Yahoo View, the company said Monday.

The move is part of Hulu's effort to shutter its free, ad-supported streaming service in favor of a subscription-only model, reported The Hollywood Reporter and other outlets. Hulu will reportedly notifying customers of the change over the next few days and offer free trials of a paid subscription.

Yahoo View is available in the US today, and the service will eventually have web and mobile apps available, said Yahoo. The site works just like the free portion of Hulu: You can watch the last five episodes of ABC, NBC, FOX shows along with other network sitcoms, anime and Korean drama.

Hulu didn't immediately return a request for comment.