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Xbox Video support for Windows Phone 7 to end in February

Microsoft says Xbox Video content owned by users won't be playable on Windows Phone 7 devices but will work fine on Windows Phone 8.


Windows Phone 7 users beware: soon enough, you won't have access to some video content.

Microsoft issued an e-mail to Windows Phone 7 and Zune users over the weekend, saying that Xbox Video content they currently own will no longer be accessible on their devices starting in late February. The video content will, however, be accessible on Windows Phone 8 handsets.

In the e-mail, which was published on Monday by Pocket-lint, Microsoft said the move "will allow us to more quickly and efficiently add the highest quality video content to the Xbox Video service." The end to Xbox Video support will affect all Windows Phone 7 devices, as well as the Zune PC client and Zune devices.

Microsoft's decision might be an attempt by the company to push more of its legacy users to new Windows Phone 8 handsets. Microsoft was also quick to point out that the video content will work on its Xbox line and Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 PCs.