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Xbox One will come with headset in the box, despite earlier claims

The company's console was initially planned to come sans a headset, but Microsoft has apparently reversed course.

Major Nelson showing off the Xbox One box contents.
Major Nelson showing off the Xbox One box contents. Microsoft

Microsoft will be bundling a headset in the Xbox One box after all, Xbox Community Manager Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb has confirmed.

Last month, Microsoft made waves when it said that the Xbox One would not come with a headset and that customers would need to pay separately for the $25 peripheral. In an unboxing video that Major Nelson posted Thursday, however, he confirmed that the limited edition "Day One" version, as well as the standard version of the console, will come with a headset.

The Xbox headset is a key component in the gaming experience for those who play titles online through Xbox Live. That the company would force customers to pay $25 just to get their hands on the headset was not viewed warmly by gamers.

Aside from the headset, Microsoft showed off in its unboxing video the new console and the updated Kinect. Major Nelson also spent considerable time discussing the HDMI cable that comes bundled with the console and supports 4K resolution.

Here's the video of the Xbox One's unboxing: